Meet the Characters

Characters in the Merworld

Farallon The Merchild – means “wild jewel”

Farallon is a high spirited and mischievous merboy that gets hold of some magic shells he “borrowed” from principal Orca’s cavern and decides to bring a human boy into his forbidden world. Farallon is a typical merboy who just wants to have fun, but he has a problem of not thinking things through which lands him into more trouble than he can handle. He is always trying to find adventure in everything he comes across, but this always ends up in disaster.

Characters on land

Eric Doyle Main character

Eric is an average boy who is usually trying to do what is right, but things never seem to go his way. Eric is usually a follower and he isn’t really sure of his own ability, but he soon learns how to stand on his own two feet, or one fin, and gains new confidence with the help of his new friends.

Eric (the twin) The twin

Eric, the twin has no idea how things work in the human world. That may be because he is only an image of the real Eric and his mind is that of Farallon’s.

Characters on Land

Wesley Eric’s best friend

T.J. (Theodore Jason) Eric’s little brother

Aunt Jessie (Jessilyn Wisniewski) Eric’s aunt

Grandpa Billy Eric’s grandpa

Judd Cardon Human bully

Mitch Cardon Judd’s father

Characters in the Merworld

Avalon Farallon’s sister

Eric (The merchild) The Merchild

Dathon Avalon’s merchap (boyfriend)

Doctor Broden Demented dentist

Donda (Merdonda) Barkon Farallon’s father

Duras Barracuda

Magus Manatee

Marm (Mermarm) Marina Farallon’s mother

Principle Orca Principle (killer whale) for mer-school

Queen Relona The colony’s Merqueen

Redolent Skunk fish

Unknown Information in the Merworld

Fledglings (Merfledglings) newborns or babies

Merchild all merchildren

Merboy boy merchild until age 13

Mermaiden girl merchild until age 13

Merchap after age 13 – reaches age of “Gillet”

Mermaid after age 13 – reaches age of “Shellet”

Promised/Joined Only Merqueen can agree or approve

Magic shells Shells become magic after merqueen’s tear lands on one.

Flip-over move (Russ’s signature soccer move) He leaps into the air with a half-twist kicking the ball backwards over his head thrusting the ball back to his teammates.

New Characters in Book Two

Allen Eric’s father

Fletcher Beluga whale

Kentar Toothless Shark

Ranora Evil mermaid

Valorie Eric’s mother


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